Sex worker activist to do List:

–          Write the History of our movement

–          Create support for sex workers in prison and for their liberation

–          Create cooperatives

–          Have a fundraising foundation to support sex workers organisations around the world

–          Create our own medias

–          Set up Open Universities to share skills around sex work and develop ‘hookers studies’ at an academic level

–          Have more organisations like X-talk to help sex workers communicate in different languages and make their voice heard

–          Write blogs and post comments on the Internet

–          Send articles to newspapers and publish videos on youtube

–          Create a sex workers’ library to have access to all the literature on sex work from sex workers’ writings, prohibitionist theorists, to novels including sex workers characters

–          Set up a baby-sitting aid, crèches for sex workers parents while they work

–          Create mailing lists to share information in particular for escorts who advertise on line and who are isolated from their colleagues

–           Organise annual conferences and demonstrations to increase our visibility

–          Have parties, dinners in safe spaces to socialise with other sex workers and to meet each others

–          Have a community centre open space run by and for sex workers

–          Demand that all sex work projects are run by sex workers and include them as service providers and social workers as well as ‘clients’

–          Challenge bad terminologies and replace them with positive terms like ‘sex work’ instead of ‘prostitution’

–          Organise public actions of active soliciting in front of parliaments and places of power to challenge the bad laws

–          Invest all places where sex workers are excluded to make our voice heard

–          Come out as a sex worker to your friends, family, colleagues, and everyone

–          Support other social movements and create links with other communities who share the same problems because sex workers are part of all minorities and communities

–          Read everything you can relate to sex work politics in terms of gender, feminism, migration studies, labour, race, etc, and become the real expert on your life not just in practice but also the theory

–          Don’t let academics confiscate your voice as an expert

–          Write to your councillors, MPs, government, etc, meet them and convince them

–          Join a trade union, political party, feminist group or any organisation that will help you to advocate for our rights and liaise with other sex workers to make your voice heard within these organisations

–           Write books, autobiographies, pamphlets, anything that will make your voice heard

–          Create performances and arts, use your body to express your opinion

–          Contact journalists, send press releases to make your actions known

–          Organise campaign letters to lobby who you want

–          Set up petitions

–          Create a facebook account and use social networks

–          Attend public meetings and speak up about your issues

–          Don’t be afraid to shout at politicians if needed

–          Denounce bad employers and sex workers’ exploiters

–          Push the government to set up phone lines to report forced labour and violence against sex workers

–          Make crimes against sex workers recognised as hate crimes

–          Force the police to register reports from sex workers who suffered crimes

–          Shame publicly those who harm sex workers including bad clients, attackers, politicians, the police, prohibitionists, etc

–          Advocate for condoms use and safe sex practices within your community and ask for public campaigns that target clients

–          Share your activism knowledge with other sex workers so everyone can become an activist


About Thierry Schaffauser

Queer, sex worker, drugs user, student in Gender History, GMB trade unionist, migrant, wants to change the world, etc
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