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Sex workers go on strike too

Sex workers’ unionisation and organisation is possible. In the UK, the GMB was founded more than one century ago by gas workers who many thought they couldn’t organise. They were young workers, with very hard working conditions, but they were … Continue reading

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Speech at GMB Congress motion 275 for sex workers’ unionisation

Comrades, My name is Thierry Schaffauser and I am president of the GMB London Entertainment branch which organises sex workers and adult entertainment workers. I want to start by saying that I am proud to be a GMB member. I … Continue reading

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Letter to Time Out regarding Paul Burston’s Tower Hamlets comments

This letter was sent to Time Out in response to comments by Paul Burston in a hateful, anti-Muslim Daily Mail article. Time Out chose not to print the letter but I have reproduced it here and encourage any others who … Continue reading

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