Some (not so) naïve questions

Why do you want to arrest our clients, the men who respect our conditions, and you never do anything to stop men who actually rape us, and why don’t you make sure instead that the police register our reports and investigate the crimes committed against us?

Why do you want to take away our livelihood, the resource we found in our live, instead of giving us more economic options when we want to stop sex work?

Why do you deport migrant sex workers and victims of trafficking like if it was helping them?

Why do you oppose us joining trade unions when it is a human right recognised in international treaties?

Why do you let the social services taking away our children?

Why do you say we are alienated when we try to speak up for ourselves?

Why do you silence us saying it’s not a choice when work is not a choice for most workers?

Why do you accuse us of being accomplices of patriarchy and capitalism when we just demand rights?

Why do you think sending us the cops or Christian missionaries will make us stop sex work?

Why do you talk about choice when you force us (against our choice) to attend rehabilitation programmes?

Why do you say we suffer from false consciousness or Stockholm syndromes?

Why do you think rape victims can’t make the informed decision to work as sex workers but can do any other job?

Why do you say we are manipulated by men to deny our voice when women were refused the right to vote for the same reason before?

Why do you ally yourselves with fundamentalist religious groups which are anti-abortion rights, sexist and homophobic?

Why do you oppose our bodily autonomy?

Why do you think that any other job, like cleaning toilets or working in McDonalds (jobs which we often did before sex work), is always better than sex work?

Why do you always want me to be sad and traumatised so you can be right and speak on my behalf?

Why can’t I have my labour rights but have to act as a victim and beg for your charity in order to access (some) social services?

Why am I treated like a criminal for giving pleasure to men and make them happy when men whose job is to kill and carry weapons are celebrated as heroes?

Why am I criminalised when I cause no harm to anyone?


About Thierry Schaffauser

Queer, sex worker, drugs user, student in Gender History, GMB trade unionist, migrant, wants to change the world, etc
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