What is a sex worker?

Thanks a lot to SWAAY for this campaign and a definition that perfectly suits me.

Indeed some people in the UK would argue that managers and employers of the sex industry are also sex workers, when I think sex workers are those who use their OWN labour force and not those of others.

This definition was apparently inspired (if my source is correct) by the article of Furry Girl and I entirely agree with her list of who is or is not a sex worker.


About Thierry Schaffauser

Queer, sex worker, drugs user, student in Gender History, GMB trade unionist, migrant, wants to change the world, etc
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One Response to What is a sex worker?

  1. Furry Girl says:

    Glad you like my definition. I’m pretty fierce on the side that management are not sex workers, nor are non-management workers like strip club DJs or the crew that does lighting on a porn set.

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