International day to end violence against sex workers part 2

Candle Vigil Walk & Reception in Congress House

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Time 18:00 until 21:00

  • Description
    Organised by SERTUC LGBT Network
    This event is supported by SERTUCVigil walk from 6pm to 7pm
    At the occasion of the international day to end violence against sex workers (normally on the 17th December), a candle vigil walk through Soho is organised to remember our colleagues who were murdered or victims of violence. The walk will start from Piccadilly circus and end in Congress House, Tottenham Court Road. There will be free drinks offered with speeches from sex worker activists and trade unions people as well as a presentation about sex workers’ unionisation and a short movie about Sex Worker Open University 2011.
    The theme of the event is “unionisation as a mean to stop violence”from 7pm in TUC Congress House
    Speakers will include:
    GMB branch I50 (sex workers)
    English collective of Prostitutes
    Ava Caradona, X-Talk
    Member of STRASS, french union of sex workers
    Short movie from Sex Worker Open University 2011
    SERTUC women rights committee
    John McDonnell MP
    and a presentation by Dr Kate Hardy about sex workers’ unionisation in Argentina.

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About Thierry Schaffauser

Queer, sex worker, drugs user, student in Gender History, GMB trade unionist, migrant, wants to change the world, etc
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