What is Hands on pro?

The Sex worker Open university and X-talk come together to offer Professional development classes for sex workers. It’s called Hands on on and it’s amazing.


Hands on is the new professional development and skill sharing project devised by Sex Worker Open University and X:Talk, the two sex workers’ cooperatives based in London ( links below).

Hands On will be a series of weekly workshops, over two months, aimed at sex workers wanting to learn or develop relevant skills. Our first two classes will be Swedish Massage facilitated by David and I.T skills with Ms Tytania starting on the the 7th of june til 26th of July. You can read more about the classes and the teachers below. We will also offer one-off Self Defence and Martial Training with a range of  expert instructors. The classes are limited to 12 people so please email contact.swou@gmail.com to book a space ( or ask us any question!). Hands On is open to sex workers of all genders, races and abilities. We wish to make the class a safe and confidential space where sex workers can learn new skills and feel less isolated.

See you soon,

The Hands On team.



We now have preliminary information on Hands On! workshop times, dates and contents…

The workshops will start on Thursday 7 of June and end on Thursday 26 of July. They will run every Thursday between those dates, in the following order. For confidentiality and safety reason, the address of the venue in Central London will only be sent to you once you have booked your place through contact.swou@gmail.com

11-1 Massage with Davyd

This is an all-level friendly, informal but structured massage workshop.
Everyone is welcome from complete beginners to advanced masseuses. The
focus will be more on having an interactive, skill-share workshop than a
teacher/ students structure.

We will be doing mostly Swedish massage which is oil massage applied
directly on the skin. It’s a fascinating way to cultivate your touch and
get to meet another body in a different way. Hopefully we’ll have time to
do a bit of acupressure and other techniques too. The objective of this
workshop is for everyone to gain some basic massage techniques and a
little anatomy knowledge that will hopefully prove useful to people in
their work as a sex worker.

Massage is a good skill to have in this job. It can make you look just a
little bit more special to a client and is very useful to relax a nervous
client and put him at ease.

And of course we’ll all get to be massaged for free!

Come and join us in this fun experience!

Davyd has been working in London as a sex worker and sensual masseur for 3
years. He also works as a “regular” massage therapist and has trained in
different styles of massage. Apart from the healing side of massage, Davyd
also has a strong interest in massage as bodywork and in anatomy and

1-2 Lunch

2-3.30 IT Skills with Ms Tytania

Design your own free website using WordPress.

In this beginner’s workshop, Ms Tytania will teach you how to design a basic, but functional and stylish website using WordPress. You don’t need to be IT savvy to use WordPress. You have the last word on how you want to sell your work and how you present yourself to your clients.

A website designed and run by yourself is the first step towards independence as a sex worker. It gives you the agency to decide who you are, how you want to present yourself, and where you want to advertise.

It’s a good way to network with other sex workers and it’s also a great tool for self-expression, so if you are sick of being perceived as a service-providing piece of meat – design and update your own website! It’s your shop window to the world and to your clients.

We will also aime to create a skill share environment in which we can teach each others how to navigate different websites such as Adultwork and Gaydar, as well as some marketing basics, to help each other be more internet savvy.

Ms Tytania has been a professional dominatrix for 10 years. As well as real life sessions she also produces her own content website, the Urban Chick Supremacy Cell. From her early days in the industry, she understood the importance of agency for a sex worker, in any branch of the industry. She has given talks and workshops on Japanese rope bondage, the cross-over between art performance and sex work, and on professional domination and authenticity.

Self defence and Martial Training.

More info coming soon for Fast Defence system training!



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